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I moved to here:


but have really moved to Facebook ...

Cheers :)
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"The experience is SO much more than a prize"... Heather from America's Top Model after being eliminated.
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Charging battery for the Mark III.
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Ordered today....

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The 1Ds Mark III is in Canada...
Praise the Lord.
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Ordered this and then the price dropped by $70.00.
Costco gave me the rebate. Yeah !

Comes with Bluetooth to make my HTC phone hands free.
Also comes with an FM radio transmitter so one can play their
MP3's on your FM radio in the car.

Merry Christmas to me.

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More sensor cleaning.
This time 3 swab$.
Also had to use Visibledust brush.

Used "Smear Away" as well as the regular sensor cleansers.

AutoLevels {in PS} will really show up the spots with a white background.

Finally though, the sensor is 100% clean.
NONE of those little annoying spots.

I wanted to see if it was possible to remove everything. {this time}

You would think that a swab would do it the first or second time.
Not necessarily, the brush does it's part also.
{I think each deals with different types of dirt ?}
Or dirt is re-introduced after putting lens back on.
Also cleaned the chamber before starting with "Chamber Clean"...

Patience is the only solution and I hate doing this.

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Bought it downtown Montreal in an unlocked state.

Have yet to try it out but when I installed the SIM chip all my numbers were transferred.
Will keep my smaller SIM phone only if I want to carry something ultra slim.

Mind you this is already very slim and light.

Update:... Oops, you have to play the video...

Slightly biased report but you'll get the idea...
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I'm doing a bachelors degree in battery management and

specializing in "how to make sure you get the most from your flash"...
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60 frames per second !

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I'll be ordering this on Tuesday morning..

It will probably take 6 months.. but I can wait...
I'm going with the wireless also and probably the 580ex version II.
My Mark II becomes my super reliable backup camera.

Review here:
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Call it what you want, I don't really care
but I feel so much pain for these girls on
American's Top Model..

I also listen and analyze every word from Tera, Jay etc.
and then replay the comment...

Also stare at the beautiful photo hardware, last shoot
they had 4 full blown power packs...

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Well the Publi-Sac says it all.... that contract won't go away... mind you I'm holding on to it also...
{ I could write a book about this one...}

Meet LEO the cat.. "mon beau Leo"...

and I apologize for my underwear and wine belly...

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Creating a catwalk in a studio.

What are the elements of a good {or realistic} catwalk design
inlcluding lighting and decor.

Notes to self...

Having shot catwalk shows for several years
now it may appear as a simple question.
Trust me, it definitely is not.

Current Mood: hyper hyper

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If you can't live your dreams to the max. ,,, you might as well be a cabbage...
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Italian {fashion} Week... {paid shoot for local designer}

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Junior models...
Which one do you like best ?

Any particular reason ?

I enjoy reading the feedback.
There's no wrong answers so feel free.

Of course you can't read their aura/character ... but that's ok.

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Vista mini update:

What works:

Most everything works. Some items though you have to research a bit.
Such as my RealTek video driver. {motherboard supplied} Dumb, if you check Device Manager is says you have the right driver and
everything is working when in fact it doesn't. Doing a device manager update
on the driver responds that everythign is ok, when its not.
So finally going to the site in question will usually solve your problem
by downloading their Vist -32/64 bit solutions. What doesn't work ?
My HP photosmart 1215 printer. According to HP my printer is 7 years old and
doesn't deserve a new driver .... or in their exact words... <td width="10"></td><td width="560" align="left" valign="top">Content starts here

We are sorry to inform you that there will be no Windows Vista support available for your HP product. Therefore your product will not work with Windows Vista.
The majority of HP products not supported in Windows Vista are beyond seven years old.
If you are using the Windows Vista operating system on your computer, please consider upgrading to a newer HP product that is supported on Windows Vista. HP has numerous products on the market that support Windows Vista.
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Clin D'oeil...

I'm there, all 2 square inches of pictures... with Brian's 5 full page series..
But hey... :)))))
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Hey wow !

I'm on Windows Vista 64 bits...

It was a very rough start but then things just got progressively better.
Let me tell you that many photo applications are VERY fast.
Wow, what a bonus ,,, it made it all worthwhile.

Plus my 4 gigs of memory is now fully active :)
Thinking of 8 of course.

Had problems with my Outlook PSt file {crc error} but that was my fault.
-had to change 1 Video card which wasn't 64 bit compatible. { I went for a 512mb Sapphire HD}
-had to change my anti-virus/anti-spam.

Now to have some fun with this.
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New Website here......

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What's new....

I took this course last week.

Hmm, not very good..

Anyhow this guy made this "photoshop painting" comprising 15,000 layers.
{in separate files of course , but nevertheless !!}

Look at the incredible detail he put into this !

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Can someone tell me how these sites manage to operate ?
What gives ?

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France 2007: Canal Boating in France...

Video is here... {18 megs..}

More photos to follow...


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