me and mailou

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Ordered this and then the price dropped by $70.00.
Costco gave me the rebate. Yeah !

Comes with Bluetooth to make my HTC phone hands free.
Also comes with an FM radio transmitter so one can play their
MP3's on your FM radio in the car.

Merry Christmas to me.

me and mailou

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More sensor cleaning.
This time 3 swab$.
Also had to use Visibledust brush.

Used "Smear Away" as well as the regular sensor cleansers.

AutoLevels {in PS} will really show up the spots with a white background.

Finally though, the sensor is 100% clean.
NONE of those little annoying spots.

I wanted to see if it was possible to remove everything. {this time}

You would think that a swab would do it the first or second time.
Not necessarily, the brush does it's part also.
{I think each deals with different types of dirt ?}
Or dirt is re-introduced after putting lens back on.
Also cleaned the chamber before starting with "Chamber Clean"...

Patience is the only solution and I hate doing this.