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Finally going on vacation this Saturday...
Probably the first time in my life I really feel I need one.

Its a boat trip.
View all about it here...


Haircut and Euro-dollars tomorrow.

Geez, I just want to relax a bit and enjoy a summer day.


Cheers !
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Yeah, I never realized how much CPU power is required to do video..
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Wednesday is the MEDINA fashion show...
For once I'm going to relax and watch.
My main interest is some of the models I shoot...

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Where can I buy distilled water ?
Anyone ?

Yeah, its related to cleaning photography sensor brushes ...
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Ms. Bad back from Japan one hour ago...

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Long live torrents.
Long live summer.
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DD sent 22/04/2007 12:28 AM:

Kanichiwa Boss.....Japan is simply wonderful....Please send me money as I want to stay...lol.....but but but...I miss you and our studio... ....see you soon....Sayonara....bisou bisou DD..........

Bonjour Pitou! Les japonais sont incroyables. Nous avons beaucoup visiter. Nous sommes a Kyoto et partons demain pour Tokyo et mardi nous revenons a Montreal a 19:15. Bye Bye Helene XXXXXXXXX
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I'm in the photographers section.... :)
Merci !!

Vote for me now!

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Gone wild..

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Taking breaks while photoshopping or doing RAW work.

Adobe Bridge aborts about every 15 minutes and takes about
3-4 minutes to start up again.
I use this opportunity for bathroom breaks and to get coffee.

They say forced breaks from the PC is a good thing.

Piece of crap Bridge.
Anyone has a solid CS3 Bridge working ?
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Todays video looks very good.

I still wonder if I should have bought something even better..
Like a real manual zoom that works.

A lot of pluses though with a small format.
Wow, I need to share some of this stuff.

8 * 60 minute tapes already.
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Montreal Fashion Week today... with Video...
Well, one contract with one client.

Have an assistant for the video.
Will soon take courses on editing using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Spent the last two days compiling all the shoots over the past 6 weeks.
I'm working full time for an agency right now.

Have zero life and zero time.
Hopefully that will change soon but not necessarily according to the boss.

No time to post pictures either.
Maybe that will change when they ask me for specific edits.

Here's a non-edited pic straight off the sensor...

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Work, work, work..... Just work....
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I guess all you self-employed people out there will understand...

Email has become a critical part of my business.
Everything I do centers around email addresses and the emails sent and received.
What I need now is mini-project management based basically on a folder containing email info.
I think the new MS Outlook 2007 can help along with the new OneNote also.

Basically its like this... {notes to self here...)

1-email request for shoot comes in. {say Sara}
==> Sara folder gets created.
====> info about Sara {in the email is saved} {weight , height, etc etc...}
====> picture{s} of Sara gets saved on a web site. {for reference. {I could use a "link" from folder to email}
=====> Make-up artist is contacted via email... {this requires a look-up and a whole new email.}
=====> a CC to myself is required to store this info in the folder. I need to remember who is the make-up person ...
=====> another email to a hair person is sent.
=====> another email to a possible stylist.
=====> another to assistant.
=====> Excel spreadsheet is updated for billing and to get all the info on 1 line.
=======> the spread sheet contains the email addy's for the shoot. {for future ref..}
=====> all CC'ed emails and returned answered emails are stored in the folder

Once things seemed to be confirmed...

=======> Calendar for studio is updated to reserve the day and time.. {this is done with Google Calendar at this time}

Once the shoot is done then there's a web created and the spreadsheet is updated.

Now multiple this by 50 and suddenly you have a whole bunch of items loosely connected.
The problem is , is that it takes a lot of time to do all this.
I should be shooting , not micro project management.

Hmm, what to do... or should I say what to you do ?

Have a good day :)


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Yeah, I saw the Mark III.

It's the other one I want...
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casting... yesterday...Collapse )

Current Mood: cs3: wrong color conversions :(

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Contact me... here or elsewhere...

Ladies: Minimum height of 5 feet 8 inches, dress size 0 to 5.
Men : Minimum height of 5 feet 10 inches, pant size : 32 maximum

Read more...Collapse )
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Anyone care to comment on the girl ?
Like, yes, no, maybe ?
Thks :)

Current Mood: busy, busy, busy

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I can't believe not having a full time job how things could be so bloody busy ?

Obviously starting this video thing will be a tremendous burden.
Also the people who know video and video production are coming out of the woodwork now.

Car battery is having problems... bummer, I'll throw money at this to get it out of my way.
{of course I'll try to analyze it to death first...}

Another NEXT model wants a shoot....
Her waist is my main criteria.

The girl down the street {3 houses away from me} is in second year university at Concordia
in "communications". Got her email addy today. She seems to know about video production and editing...
I'll have to ask her about design and creative programs/courses... Right workroom ;)

Misses Bad's cousin is a professional video man. Has his own company and uses the $75k cams...
Probably too advanced for me but I guess I could fire off some basic questions.

I somewhat regret {just a bit} my current video cam.
I should have gotten the Canon XL-2

Sob, but I didn't.....
Same old mistakes being repeated... but shit, it IS a lot of $'s...
Mine is highly portable though !
Read more reviews and they're mostly good.
But I like having the best...

Hmm, what else... basically information overflow...

Tomorrow: A 35 girl casting is taking place at my studio...
A fun thing but for a real catwalk show.

Time to get to work...
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Current Mood: not that I care ...

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The part I dislike the most about coming back is putting my socks back on... :(

Every pictures tells a story... where we were and how we got there ;)

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Hello from the bar somewhere in San Jose... Costa Rica

Going to Uvita tomorrow... Small plane.

Plane landed today with a double bounce...eck...
Probably a tail wind as I never seen such a high speed landing.

Bought a bunch of Fashion Mags,,, of course..
Also a Video Magazine..

Hmmm, time to start relaxing...

Well, not really...
Answered two begineer designers about bringing their clothes to shoots...
More on that later...

On roule..
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Bye Bye studio and pretty girls.

Gone to Palmar Sur... and I'll soon be practicing saying
"dos mas cervezas,
por favor"...

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I need a backup for my transceiver...
This one is dual purpose..

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read my mind...

Current Mood: done...suivant , next...
Current Music: happy...

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Well, I guess I'm officially on vacation as of right now.
Then again in this photographic work context it doesn't mean much.
I will be in Costa Rica in a few days though where the weather is much warmer than -5F.

Tell you the honest truth I don't even feel like going as I'm having too much
fun already.

DD and I painted the studio tonight. Its very white.
The Home Depot girl said to coat the paint with a clear water-based matte varnish.
We'll see how that looks when I get back. {thks DD !}
Should be much easier to clean. Lets hope there's no reflections ????

I also don't feel like going because of my new video hobby.
I need to accelerate my learning curve as I have a nice little contract coming
up. 4 figures...  Well it will help pay for a higher quality camera.
Is it a good long term investment ? I'm not sure but the options
will be there..  I'll be also looking for private video editing courses.
Have one contact already. I really hesitate doing this as I have a lot more
Photoshop stuff to learn... :(
And now I'm thinking I'll have to lug this thing all over the place... ?
Geez, any good small models.

Hmm, vacation... Ah Ok, I'll force myself.
Let's see if I can pick up some video mags/books in the airport ;)

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Watching "Les Boys II"...
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Catwalk courses coming up...
But for now...


ps: there's only about 4 people out there who will know this music...
Hope my LJ friend doesn't sue me .... lol....
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