me and mailou

Heeee, MSN message from Japan. Cute :)

DD sent 22/04/2007 12:28 AM:

Kanichiwa Boss.....Japan is simply wonderful....Please send me money as I want to but but...I miss you and our studio... ....see you soon....Sayonara....bisou bisou DD..........

Bonjour Pitou! Les japonais sont incroyables. Nous avons beaucoup visiter. Nous sommes a Kyoto et partons demain pour Tokyo et mardi nous revenons a Montreal a 19:15. Bye Bye Helene XXXXXXXXX
me and mailou

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Taking breaks while photoshopping or doing RAW work.

Adobe Bridge aborts about every 15 minutes and takes about
3-4 minutes to start up again.
I use this opportunity for bathroom breaks and to get coffee.

They say forced breaks from the PC is a good thing.

Piece of crap Bridge.
Anyone has a solid CS3 Bridge working ?